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Medical Thermography to start - an excellent health screening analysis

Medical Thermography

We service many locations across the Southeast and Washington State. Flow Well offers thermography scans for cancer detection with special attention to breast cancer screenings.

Thermography can provide important information about the state of your health and give you the opportunity for further investigation.

If you suspect that something is wrong with your body, early detection can make all the difference. According to recent studies, a key factor in breast cancer survival is the earliest possible detection. If diagnosed at an early stage, 95% of breast cancers can be treated.

Ideally, patients will prevent disease by being proactive with recommended lifestyle changes after their baseline scan. In order to detect breast cancer or other findings, we provide precise reporting interpreted by PACT expert Thermologists.

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Where, What to Ask, and Who to Review With

Flow Well has Certified Thermographic Technicians in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Washington alongside our global presence.

We are the starting point of your overall health analysis using state-of-the-art equipment for cancer detection and prevention. Based on your belief system, your own goals, and the results of your thermography screening and other functional medicine testing, we will guide you with questions to ask your doctor and connect you with the practitioner and/or modality best suited for you. Follow up with thermography screenings when it is recommended to see that your hard work is paying off and to monitor your health.

Flow Well offers ways to save on medical thermography scans for your health care budget. Visit our Contact page and send a request to receive the details on the Ways to Save on Thermography.

We hope that you love Thermography as much as we do for possible early cancer detection and ideally prevention to achieve your optimal health.

Meet the Flow Well Team


Shanna Rivera

Shanna has owned her own thermography business since 2012 and she started Flow Well in 2016. Shanna and the Flow Well team have performed over 6,000 thermography screenings! Shanna is a trainer with the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT) and a BEMER educator. She loves all outdoor activities and spending time with her growing family.

Janelle Solomon

RYT 200, CTT
Janelle is a South Carolina native with a strong passion for holistic health. She has been a Thermographic Technician for over 7 years and loves helping people on their health journey. Janelle is also a 200 HR Yoga Instructor, teaching private sessions online or in person. She loves hiking, the beach, and spending time with friends and family!

Isobelle Gordon

MBA, Customer Experience Expert
Isobelle has more than a decade of customer experience. She focuses on nourishing the customer's relationship with their interaction with Flow Well for all thermography inquiries and more. We are a strong team thanks to Isobelle's hard work and dedication to our wellness cause. Isobelle is very family oriented and loves cardiovascular activities such as running.

Learn More About the Flow Well Team

Shanna started Flow Well in 2016. She's been a Certified Thermographic Technician (CTT) and Trainer through PACT (since 2011) as well as a Young Living Educator for several years now. PACT is the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology. They are a non-profit group for training Thermographers and Thermologists. Shanna became an Independent BEMER Distributor Senior (IBDS) in 2016.

Shanna is so happy to have found thermography and truly enjoys working with holistic professionals who teach her about how our bodies are meant to heal themselves. In 2005 Shanna was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and TMJ. After realizing that stress was contributing to symptoms that medications made worse, Shanna thought, there must be a better way! She wished for a new career and discovered Medical Thermography and holistic health care.

Shanna is now devoted to her mission to improve her own health and her patients’ health through the use of Medical Thermography and many more health-enhancing modalities. Flow Well has become a resource for connecting patients with local practitioners or wellness professionals who can guide the patient to improve their thermography screenings.

Janelle has a strong passion for holistic health and wellness. Born into a family of Chiropractors, her knowledge and passion are deeply instilled in her roots. She has made it her mission to share that passion through spreading knowledge to others.

After graduating from The University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Experimental Psychology, she moved to California where she was able to truly immerse herself in holistic health and yoga. She completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher training from Yogaworks in 2014. Email Janelle to schedule a private Yoga lesson. In 2016, Janelle completed her training to become a Certified Thermographic Technician through PACT.

As a mobile CTT, Janelle offers Thermography in multiple locations across CA, SC, FL, and GA. Janelle is happy to call Charleston home and looks forward to making a difference with prevention through Thermography!

Thea Isobelle Gordon, MBA has more than a decade of experience in the Business Processing Industry. Though she is working offshore, Isobelle very much knows how to cater to the demands of globalization. She is an expert on Customer Service Excellence and believes that this is the key element in business success. She believes that when our customers rave about us, that is the true contribution to our patients' optimal wellness.

Isobelle has more than enough experience in management and operations. She has inspired a number of people that she had worked with before and developed their leadership skills.

Shanna and her team believe that providing the best experience will make them stand out. Isobelle is very much excited to be on this new journey with Flow Well and she aspires to make a difference.

Credentials: B.S Agriculture, University of the Philippines, Los Banos. MBA, University of Perpetual Help System Dalta.

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Flow Well's Mission

Start with Thermography, a beneficial health analysis screening tool for the entire family.

We offer excellent customer service. For your convenience, we are located in over 60 locations, guiding you through the entire process with our well-experienced staff by your side.

We are experts in detoxing the body through many methods! Our patients use our Full Body Detox Program, BEMER therapy, ASEA, essential oils, and many other tips so that you can improve your overall health effectively.

We assess your health with medical thermography scan for possible cancer detection and ideally prevention to guide you with your thermography results if necessary.

We are your connection resource for your specialized health needs. Our technicians will give you health tips to research or discuss with your physician. We will connect you with medical doctors or wellness professionals who can guide you to achieve your health goals and monitor progress through the recommended screening.

What is Medical Thermography?

Infrared imaging of the body to detect inflammation and abnormal heat signatures that could indicate cancer, toxins, hormonal imbalance, nerve damage, poor circulation, and many other findings.

Since our body is symmetric, our heat signatures should also be symmetric or mirror both sides of the body within certain temperature thresholds. If there is an extremely hot or cold spot on one side of your body, it can be a sign of cancerous growth or an underlying condition.

Patients will then work with their doctor to discuss the thermography scan report and later review it with an experienced technician to figure out if lifestyle changes will benefit their health.