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JS before and after oil pulling 2017

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the life source for plants. Similar to how our blood is our life source. Many patients have chronic oral inflammation. Have you ever considered oil pulling with essential oils to reduce your oral inflammation?

Oral/ Gum inflammation is epidemic and easily identified on thermal imaging. Routine trips to the dentist for cleanings and checkups are important in maintaining your gums.
It is imperative to perform at-home care and have regular thermography examinations of the mouth.

At Flow Well we recommend Coconut Oil Pulling with high-quality essential oils to reduce your oral inflammation. Contact us to receive the step by step process on how to get improved results like the ones you see in these patient images.

Water Vitality

Where do you get your water from every day? The tap? A filtration system? Buying it by the bottle?

Our body needs to get proper hydration and minerals from our water. Many systems or processes out there filter the water so much that they deplete the water of the minerals your body needs to work well. At Flow Well we use Water Liberty.

The Water Liberty system transforms your tap water into a superior hydrator, enhancing your metabolic efficiency. It increases your energy, and it revitalizes your entire body as it emulates nature to hexagonally structure, alkaline, mineralize, and oxygenate your water in the convenience and comfort of your home.

Adya Clarity turns the most disgusting water into the best tasting water on this planet.

Contact us to learn more about a Water Liberty system for your family.


Did You Know You Were Born in Ketosis?

Your mother’s milk was designed to keep you in ketosis in order to support your fast-growing brain! As you were weaned, your mother gave you foods high in carbs and low in fats and you switched to using the insulin/glucose pathway to produce fuel for energy.

Recently, there has been a tremendous amount of research on the astounding benefits of being in ketosis. Being in ketosis drastically reduces inflammation, burns your fat for fuel, and increases energy and mental clarity.

It is being used by the top doctors in the world to kill cancer cells by depriving them of their favorite fuel, glucose. It is all being used to treat autoimmune, neurological disorders, and many other illnesses.

Contact us to receive an invitation to Dr. Linda Huxtable's program, The Keto Clean Lifestyle, to work towards optimal health.