The Benefits of Ketosis for Cancer Prevention


DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU WERE BORN IN KETOSIS? Your mother’s milk was designed to keep you in ketosis in order to support your fast growing brain! As you were weaned, your mother gave you foods high in carbs and low in fats and you switched to using the insulin/glucose pathway to produce fuel for…

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Access your Full Healing Potential through Mind, Body, Spirit


I think I know something about you. I think you are a mindful person and approach your health with discernment and an awakened sense of deeper level healing. You have grown tired of shooting in the dark when it comes to feeling your best and are not prepared to spend another moment doing things that…

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Sitting Is the New Smoking


By Theresa AuCoin, CHHP, M. ED., Certified Nutritional Consultant Don’t we all already know we are supposed to exercise, to work out, to go to the gym, …as a part of our personal wellness program?  But are you consistently doing this? Did you realize that inactivity, according to the W.H.O., is the fourth biggest…

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Oral Inflammation and the Use of Young Living Essential Oils


Oral/ Gum inflammation is epidemic and easily identified on thermal imaging. Routine trips to the dentist for deep scaling, cleanings, and check-ups are important in maintaining your gums and overall oral health. It is imperative to perform at home care and have regular thermography examinations of the mouth. Many patients have received advice on how…

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Air Quality of a Home

air quality at home

When we think of health most of us think of our own bodies however, another very important factor is the condition of our homes, more precisely the health of the air we are breathing it. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors-at home or offices

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Bra-Free for Healthy Breasts

bra free healthy breasts

Breast health is a hot topic in the public and in the scientific community. PubMed alone offers more than 340,000 studies related to the breast and cancer. The topic brings fear and anxiety to almost every woman. So much of the media attention on breasts is about cancer and not necessarily about breast health

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