Flow Well Gives Back

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Receive or Give to the UBCF

Flow Well donates a portion of every Full Body scan to the United Breast Cancer Foundation.

Help men and women afford thermography or ultrasounds by booking your Full Body thermography today!

The UBCF helps patients to afford thermography or ultrasound screenings. Email info@FlowWell.org for more information on how to donate or how to receive grant funds. Click Learn More below to check out the UBCF website.

The UBCF has a pay it forward program. You donate $5, fill out a quick application and then they will let you know if they will cover a portion of your breast Thermography scan. The breasts are done in all the scans that we offer. They may cover up to $150 based on your application. Please read all instructions carefully as they are very strict about their process to reimburse you once you are approved for funding. Check back with them if the current Grant cycle is closed.

Check out their Services Page to learn about scholarships, breast cancer survivor reconstruction surgery aid, other grant options and more!