Oral Inflammation and the Use of Young Living Essential Oils

Oral/ Gum inflammation is epidemic and easily identified on thermal imaging. Routine trips to the dentist for deep scaling, cleanings, and check-ups are important in maintaining your gums and overall oral health.

It is imperative to perform at home care and have regular thermography examinations of the mouth.
Many patients have received advice on how to improve their thermography screenings based on current oral inflammation findings in their Thermography reports. If you would like guidance on what questions to ask a dentist or tips on how to reduce your oral inflammation, sign up for our Full Body Detox program by clicking this link.

Oil pulling cannot cure infection in the mouth. It can however help to reduce inflammation after infection has been resolved. Oil pulling is an excellent habit to aid in preventing harmful infections.

Coconut oil pulling

1. Brush your teeth and floss correctly.

2. Scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper. These first 2 steps will start you off with a clean environment.

3. Swish in your mouth one teaspoon of organic coconut oil (can also use sesame) for twenty minutes a day. Many sites say timing is key. Add a Young Living essential oil. Many oils out there cannot be taken internally. Please read labels carefully if you use other oil companies. Read about the Young Living Seed to Seal process that explains the high standards of YL essential oils. For Young Living oil pulling, there’s a reference guide about YL essential oils to tell you which ones are beneficial/safe to ingest. Not all of them can be taken internally. For oil pulling you could use one to two drops of one of these at a time: Thieves, Purification, Frankincense, Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree oil) OR Peppermint with the carrier oil (coconut or sesame). You can use only the carrier oil if you want.

4. Spit coconut oil mix out in the garbage. You do not want to spit it out in the sink and clog your drains.

5. Give your teeth a second light brush.

6. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide or Thieves mouth wash for a finishing touch.

7. Repeat this process daily until optimal Thermography images are achieved.

Looking to use Young Living essential oils to detox your body? Call us to schedule a one on one class to learn about the everyday essential oils.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out. (877) 315-7226 Ext. 447.

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Shanna Rivera
Shanna Rivera

Shanna Rivera is the owner of Flow Well. Shanna is devoted to her mission to improve her own health and her patients’ health through the use of Medical Thermography and many more health-enhancing modalities.

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