3 Reasons to use Thermography as an Analysis for Eye Health

Many of our thermography patients have seen hyperthermia in the inner canthus of the eyes.  This heat signature could be from many things. One could be eye strain. It could also be lack of sleep, poor sleep quality, a headache, or allergies. One thing you should rule out is getting your eyes checked! Learn more from our blog below by Jen Stier founder of On Your Face Glasses!

See your eye doctor!

Jen Stier, Founder and Owner, On Your Face Glasses / August 6, 2021

At the risk of sounding like your mom, with love and concern for your very existence, not to mention your continued high quality of life, I’m issuing this command: pay your eye doc a visit.


So many reasons. Here are just a few:

  1. See clearly. Optometrists often hear their patients exclaim, “Wow, I had no idea those <insert nearby marvel> looked so <insert surprising adjective>!” Our brains and eyes work together to normalize our current vision—make it feel o.k.—even when it’s far from optimal. A current prescription crisps up objects you might not have even realized were blurry. Which can prevent accidents! See your eye doc; it’s a no brainer.
  2. Stay healthy. Your eyes truly are windows into your body (true, and your soul). An eye exam can reveal health issues before they become problems, preventing harm, interrupting progression, and in some cases, literally saving your life. Issues that affect your eyes and vision include diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and brain tumors. You don’t want to mess with brain tumors. See your eye doc.
  3. Brighten your workdays. Computer vision syndrome is the technical term for the discomforts resulting from overexposure to high-energy visible blue light, emitted from the screens our eyes are glued to morning till night. Headache; fatigue; blurred vision; burning, irritated eyes; and neck and shoulder pain—who wants them? A thorough eye exam can score you specific remedies to eliminate them and revive your workday.

Your optometrist or ophthalmologist cares about your health and your vision. It’s their job. Let them take care of you.

Jen Stier founded and owns On Your Face Glasses, the online prescription eyeglasses boutique that gives women vision, voice and an image that reflects their soul’s very best.


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Shanna Rivera
Shanna Rivera

Shanna Rivera is the owner of Flow Well. Shanna is devoted to her mission to improve her own health and her patients’ health through the use of Medical Thermography and many more health-enhancing modalities.

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